usomo in Hungary

As sound lovers, we are thrilled to be part of this amazing sound-inspired architectural project!

A roof structure inspired by soundwaves

One of the most iconic features of the House of Music Hungary is its organically ‘floating’ roof structure designed based on the visual image of the vibration of sound: the soundwave. There are virtually no two parallel elements and no right angles in the roof – everything is unique. The roof’s surface is punctured by close to one hundred custom-designed wells of light, which channel natural light through the building’s levels, thus helping to illuminate the interior spaces and create a special atmosphere. 

A glass palace with a leafy ceiling

Sou Fujimoto’s vision dissolves the boundaries between the House of Music Hungary and the City Park. Upon entering the building, visitors feel as if they are still walking in a natural environment. The building is lent this airiness and transparency by the enormous glass façade constructed using exactly 94 panels, all of which were individually manufactured and in some places reaching twelve metres in height. The harmonious blending together of the building with nature is further enhanced by an architectural element installed into the suspended ceiling, which is inspired by the ceiling of the famous Great Hall of the Liszt Academy in Budapest with a pattern featuring more than one thousand leaves and its colours constantly changing depending on the changes in light.

Text: House of Music Hungary (Magyar Zene Háza)
More information on the project
Client and photography: Városliget Zrt.