Stunning sonic

usomo enables a spatial perception of digital sound in a way that was to date only possible with real sound sources. It is this very illusory reality that makes usomo a unique experience.
A real dynamic connection, which merges humans, virtual sounds and actual spaces and reacts independently for each user. The accuracy of the sounds blurs the boundaries between the virtual and reality.
The usomo experience shapes a new sonic dimension where everything evolves wondrously. Discover infinite possibilities of immersive sound design. Thus, raising the limits of sound-based scenography.

The usomo

Sound zones

The person with the usomo system determines by their position which virtual sound zone they enter.

In this example, a space is partitioned into 2 sound zones: If the person oversteps the separating line between the zones, the heard atmosphere of the space instantly changes from e.g. atmo 1 to atmo 2. The change can be a hard break, a fade, etc. The number of zones that are creatable in one project is unlimited.

Sound effects

The person with the usomo system hears a virtual sound file that two effects are being applied to.

Depicted graphically by the two regulators in this example. The person influences the volume of the sound when moving in the direction of the one spatial axis and the frequency when moving in the direction of the other spatial axis. If the person is in the left corner of the space, the volume and frequency of the sound are very low, and very high if they are in the right corner. Movement through the space changes these values continually in real-time. In place of the examples volume and frequency, multitudinous sound effects can be applied.

Object-based sound sources

Emitted from each position of the four spheres, the person with the usomo system hears a corresponding virtual sound.

In this example, the volumes are contingent on the position of the person in relation to the four sound sources. The volume of the sound at the sphere is the highest where the distance of the person is the shortest. When the person moves through the space, the heard volumes of all four sound sources change in real time according to the person’s position. This effect can be applied simultaneously to many sound sources.

Sound sources in projections

The person with the usomo system hears the sound of a projection in the space in sync with the image.

In this example, a moving, projected point generates the sound. When the point moves within a projection, the sound moves along and is heard lower or louder, more from the left or the right, depending on the person’s position. The person can walk with the point and the corresponding sound or move away from it. The perception of the sound changes accordingly (volume, direction…). The number of localised sound sources in a projection is unlimited.



With our cutting-edge technology, we take people on magical journeys into immersive sonic worlds, transforming silent spaces into walk-in soundscapes.

Up close
and personal

For scenography. For museums. For galleries. For art. For education. For marketing. For events. For experiences. For experimenters.


usomo covers extensive areas. usomo immerses both the body and the space. The body sets the rhythm of the surrounding virtual sound source.

What is the usomo experience?

A profound, innovative sensory experience, where single sounds are the protagonists of a new immersive spatial environment. A sonic adventure that widens the horizon of the conceptualization of interactive sound-scenography’s. In combination, as a support, or as a counterpoint to the visual art.

Whether the user experiences the soundscapes individually or synchronously depends entirely on the concept. External medias such as movies, interactive stations, lights and much more synchronies simultaneously with all visitors within the exhibition.

By contrast, voice-overs and other specific sounds start independently and accompany the listener throughout specific areas. The detachment from physical boundaries allows for endless variations thus emphasizing the multifaceted potential of the experience.

The employment of binaural filters and Ambisonic format sounds that evolve in real-time depending on the user´s movements generate such a realistic three-dimensional environment that it is easy to forget you are wearing headphones.

The user is both the protagonist and director of the sonic space.  Sounds are like objects which can be approached and also moved away from. The experience of being able to influence sound perception within the space adds a new and playful dimension. Ultimately, what we perceive is a combination of several senses coordinated simultaneously.

With usomo, we can enhance the perception of a space or a scenery through the auditory sensory system in a fascinating way, without altering what we see. It is primarily the sense of wonder and imagination that is opening up. usomo opens a window to unprecedented possibilities.