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We are FRAMED immersive projects based in Berlin: Steffen Armbruster, Uli Dziallas and our top-notch team. As trailblazing sound architects, we shape and conceive new acoustic environments to let our users dive into immersive and unique sonic experiences.

Today’s creative media environment is characterised by the pursuit of immersive experiences, which engage with the visual sensory system. By contrast, usomo champions revolutionary three-dimensional journeys characterised by captivating auditory rather than visual experiences.

The usomo principle: design spatial immersive experiences thanks to the high-precision localization of the virtual sound sources. There for, we have developed a completely new technology.

The invention of the usomo system is rooted in our longstanding experience in media-based scenography, in media design and sound design, in software development and programming. In 2015 we have launched usomo, and since then, together with our team, we have kept developing and advancing the usomo system to achieve our highly demanding vision.

And that reflects both in our patents and the awards that the system has already won.

What is usomo?

usomo is a headphone-based spatial audio system. The sounds are rendered in real-time, based on the user´s movement within a space. Therefore, our system can track the user´s position in actual time and play back the sounds that correspond to that specific location. 

A specially developed tracking system based on UWB technology determines the position of the visitor in real-time. Its distinctive precision ranges from 10 cm in terms of localization to 1° in terms of head rotation. The tracking system communicates its data to software that generates a three-dimensional virtual space, which reflects the characteristics of the actual space of the exhibition.

Within the software, the sounds are assigned to specific positions that relates to actual positions in the exhibition. Hence, the movement and head orientation of the visitor in the real space has a direct influence on the properties of the virtual sounds. For instance, if the visitor approaches the position of a virtual sound source, the sound source could play louder or quieter, faster or slower. Additionally, to enhance the spatialization of the sound source related to the visitor´s position, the usomo system employs 3D binaural filters. Thus, the visitor is able to perceive sounds coming from multiple directions – front, back, sides, top and bottom. Even though they do not exist in the real space. Therefore, the usomo system allows to generate immersive soundscapes consisting of hundreds of individual sound sources, which dynamically modify with the user´s movements as it would be in a real-life situation.

The hardware of the usomo system consists of small transmitters in the exhibition space and the usomo unit: the usomo tracker on the usomo headset and an usomo device for the visitor. The usomo tracker, positioned on top of the usomo headset, communicates several times per second with the transmitters to determine the exact user’s position in relation to the space. At the same time, the usomo device receives the data collected by the usomo tracker and plays the sounds associated with the user’s exact location.

Each usomo unit works independently from one another and from external servers, allowing uncomplicated and effortless maintenance. For this reason, the usomo system grants limitless possibilities regarding the exhibition size and the number of simultaneously active users.

Breaking the sound barriers, together

Our team is made up of Spatial Sound Designers, Music Producers, Creative Concept Developers, Programmers, System Developers, Project Managers and more. We are happy to receive applications at