2021 | Zwinger Xperience | Dresden

The Zwinger Xperience in Dresden is a multimedia time journey through the history of the baroque edifice with the 3D sound by usomo

The Zwinger Xperience is an immersive exhibition based on media technology about the genesis of the baroque edifice in Dresden. In this exhibition, sound is one of the central elements in conjunction with the immersive imagery: The scenographic concept is built on its use throughout. Together with visual media technologies such as 270° panoramic projection, with stationary sculptural objects, as well as in the open space, the interactive 3D sound technology usomo shows at the Zwinger Xperience an entire palette of possibilities to apply sound as a key to the concept.

The exhibition is designed in such a way that visitors intuitively follow their hearing through the space. They wander through a continuous soundscape that consists of narrating voices, historically inspired music, authentic sound effects and spatial sound atmos. By the interactive localisation of every visitor, the sound layer unfolds individually for each person, analogously to the own movement and to what is being looked at.

Media-wise, the first room of the exhibition is devised only with audio and completely without film. This highlights the importance of the sound right from the start. 

Guided by the voice of the architect Matthäus Pöppelmann, whose thoughts and conversations pervade the entire story like a red thread, visitors discover the first interactive sound sources that make audible sculptural reference objects and open areas. The voice-overs do not come across anywhere in the exhibition as didactical and explanatory. Rather the spoken content is perceived as if one were entering the scenes in real life and indeed witnessing actual events. 

The three following rooms are designed immersively not only in terms of sound, but also visually. 

Projections on curved walls of 180° and 270° and large-scale projection mapping that blends the interior with the exterior create the impression of being surrounded by moving images. With usomo, numerous moving image elements are accentuated with sounds and spectrally animated. The large projections are acoustically drawn into the space by the interactive 3D sound, surrounding the visitors on all sides instead of being emitted linearly from static sources. Individual sounds are synced with small details of events within the projections. This differentiated treatment of the sound significantly enhances the spatial dimensionality and, thereby, the perceived authenticity of the scenes. Visitors feel immersed in the scenes not only through the seeing, but also through the hearing. Music, as a carrier of emotions, increases the perceived authenticity and is being applied to the dramaturgy respectively. The compositions are modelled closely after historic originals of baroque music, to some extent even integrating original parts. Abstract sound effects subtly influence the line of sight and the movement of the visitors.

With sound being a central element of the Zwinger Xperience, it unlocks new possibilities for conveying content scenographically.

This exhibition shows in an exemplary way the key potential that interactive 3D sound bears for scenography and exhibition design. 


History Meets Future as Dresden Zwinger Reopens with VR Experience
1 July 2021

Dresden Magazin
„Zwinger Xperience“: Vision und Wirklichkeit 
30 June 2021

Dresdner Neueste Nachrichten
Abtauchen ins Spektakel – „Zwinger Xperience“: Eine Zeitreise durch 300 Jahre Geschichte 
30 June 2021

Radio Dresden
„Zwinger Xperience“ öffnet 
30 June 2021

Sächsische Zeitung
Hightech-Ausstellung macht den Zwinger erlebbar
28 June 2021

Süddeutsche Zeitung
„Xperience“: Eintauchen in Geschichte des Dresdner Zwinger 
28 June 2021


iF Design Award
Interior Architecture and Installations


Website zwinger-xperience.de

Client and Curation Staatliche Schlösser, Burgen und Gärten Sachsen (Schlösserland Sachsen)

Lead Agencies m box bewegtbild, Berlin and Neumann&Müller, Berlin

m box bewegtbild tasks co-project management, concept and design, 3D animation and VFX, music and sound design, programming, creation of spatial structures and exhibits

Neumann&Müller tasks co-project management, media and technical planning and realisation 

Spatial sound system usomo by FRAMED immersive projects, Berlin

usomo tasks usomo sound system, spatial audio production, consulting on the interactive sound concept and playback logic

Duration permanent exhibition opened in June 2021

Photos © Schlösserland Sachsen, Thomas Schlorke