Award for the interactive permanent exhibition at the House of Music Hungary

The interactive permanent exhibition “Dimensions of Sound“ at the House of Music Hungary has been honoured with a Blooloop Innovation Award in the category Creative Technology. We are proud to be a part of this groundbreaking project, in which we stretched the limits of our sound system once again. 

The interactive 3D sound by usomo, integrated in the entire exhibition, accompanies the visitors from start to finish. Many small, complementing installations with interactive elements create a whole that is bound together by the continuous use of our headphone-based sound system. This extent to which the entire media control is connected to interactive sound is without precedent. 

usomo reacts to everything in the exhibition – not only to exhibits, film projections and audio zones, but also to other people in the vicinity. The strong dynamic that results from the detailed interactivity creates a maximally realistic and gripping sound experience. A multitude of visual media that are partly interactive themselves are acoustically complemented with usomo. The interactive audio system reacts to highly varied signals, from space-filling 360-degree projections to touch objects, hand projections and human movements. For all of this to work, a maximum of synchronicity is indispensable.

More information on the project
Permanent exhibition opened in January 2022