Aural fair and iterative research project “Fiera del Suono”

The history of amusement fairs is the subject of the collaborative research project and sound-based installation “Fiera del Suono” conceived and developed by the Dutch media art collective DROPSTUFF MEDIA.

As a research project with iterative design, the aural fair “Fiera del Suono” explores the possibilities of combining and applying cutting-edge media technologies in order to bring cultural heritage to a wide audience. usomo by FRAMED immersive projects plays an active role in the research, finding new ways to integrate their patented 360° interactive sound system with other systems. 

For the first time ever, the fluid usomo system can be experienced simultaneously with a static sound system. While one sound layer plays out on a group of speakers installed throughout the space, another sound layer is heard interactively on the usomo headphones dependent on the individual position and movement of each visitor. The audio material has been gathered from local archives and private collections. Additionally, new voice-overs have been recorded. Student groups, already having participated in developing the storyline, will at a later point conduct audience research and suggest design modifications.

More information on the project
Travelling exhibition from 2023 to 2024