Most Wanted Music

3D Sound und Immersion auf der Most Wanted Music

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Sound & Space: Exploring the Depths of Spatial Sound and New Media Experiences

3D audio technologies are rapidly entering all kinds of media. Virtual reality applications are only the most recent area where spatial sound gained much popularity, and many other fields have been using spatial sound since many years, e.g. music composition, production and live performances, theater, exhibition design, sound art, film, and radio drama. Hence, different perspectives on spatial sound have been developed, even on key concepts and ideas. What is spatial sound? Why should we care? Which kinds of sonic spaces can be designed, and how do they relate? What is the purpose of using spatial sound? What are the various approaches to create spaces and narrative places? How does the spatiality of sound help us to make sense of our media experiences?

Panel Sound & Space
Mittwoch, 8. November 2017
17:30 bis 18:10 Uhr

MARIE HAVEMANN, Composer, Sound Designer, Audio Engineer, Viciousonic, Sandbox Interactive

THOMAS KOCH, Project Manager Audio, Researcher, Fraunhofer Heinrich Hertz Institut HHI

Most Wanted Music, Berlin
7. bis 9. November 2017