After the 3D for film, the 3D for sound is here:

Film projections become acoustically three-dimensional. Voice, music and sounds are carried into the space, surround the user and create the thrilling feeling of being completely immersed in the action and to be right in the middle of the scene.

With usomo, it is possible for the first time to hear digital sound from headphones localized three-dimensionally in the space, just as if the sound sources were real. The sound experience usomo makes mute objects ring.

  • For spatial design, exhibitions, museums and events as well as for educational purposes, usomo offers an entirely new dimension for user-friendly acoustic concepts with audience appeal.

    With this highly innovative technology, sound becomes a walk-in sphere.

  • usomo’s precise ranging enables an unprecedented experience of individually generated sound worlds.

  • Sounds are being triggered and played automatically at precisely defined points in the space.

  • All sounds have characteristics that change in real time depending on the position and orientation of the user, for example the volume or special effects.

  • The sound and the visuals merge into an intense, all-encompassing 360° experience.

  • Now it is possible for scenography to employ sound limitlessly.

  • Film sound can be put together with lip-sync.

  • Each project can be set up in several languages.