Literaturhaus Berlin: "Happy in Berlin?"

An exhibition staged with interactive sound about English writers in Berlin in the 1920s and 1930s.

“Ludwig Is Alive! Beethoven In Pop Music” at the rock’n’popmuseum

The interactive exhibition focuses on the phenomenon Ludwig van Beethoven. Having been a star already during his lifetime, the enthusiasm for his work is unbroken to this day. "Ludwig Is Alive!" shows his traces in music, film, comics, literature and pop art.

Festung Xperience: A walk-in audioplay

Festung Xperience is a multimedia exhibition, staged as a huge walk-in audioplay, on the history of this Dresden edifice.
usomo Museum Communication Bern Sounds of Silence

The 3D sound technology usomo makes even silence audible

The current exhibition Sounds of Silence at the Museum of Communication Bern displays silence. How can silence possibly be displayed or made audible? With usomo!
usomo Humboldt-Box sound Listening to the World

On interactive sound paths through the ancient Orient

The interactive audio system usomo is the ideal digital companion on the way through the exhibition "[sound] Listening to the World" at the Humboldt-Box Berlin. It shows how music and other sounds are recorded and shared across cultures and epochs, about melodies and rhythms being carried along and transformed.
Most Wanted MusicMost Wanted Music

Most Wanted Music

At Most Wanted Music, a panel of the music industry, Steffen Armbruster holds a speech about spatial immersion.
International Sound Awards 2017 WinnerInternational Sound Awards

International Sound Awards

usomo wins the International Sound Awards 2017 in Research & Development and Digital Product Sound Design.
V2_ Lab for the Unstable Media

Workshop with usomo at V2_

In a 4-day workshop at V2_, own ideas around the interactive sound system usomo can be tried out and realised.
usomo tracking unitusomo

3D audiosystem on the road

usomo on the road: With our new mobile demo kit, you can experience usomo live at your office or studio.
SAE Alumni Convention mit usomo

SAE Alumni Convention

Steffen Armbruster holds a speech about spatial immersion by means of audio, also introducing usomo.
Klingt gut! Symposium on SoundKlingt gut! Symposium on Sound

Klingt gut! Symposium on Sound

At Klingt gut! in Hamburg, Steffen Armbruster speaks about immersion and about new ways to achieve it acoustically.
usomo Showroom

The Heart of the Showroom

New in the showroom of usomo: a pounding heart, the sound of which increases in volume and speed upon approach.