Sonic Wildness @ the Ars Electronica Center

In the new Ars Electronica Center you can experience usomo life with the latest technological developments.
Museum of Communication Bern Sounds of SilenceMuseum of Communication Bern

Museum of Communication Bern

The Museum of Communication Bern shows an extraordinary exhibition about the topic of silence.
humboldtbox laut die welt hoerenHumboldt Forum

Humboldt-Box Berlin

In the exhibition "[sound] Listening to the World" at the Humboldt-Box Berlin, sounds are spatially staged.
Of Lions and Men

Of Lions and Men

An immersive, audio-visual journey through the African bush – a unique experience of image and sound.
Ars Electronica 2016

Ars Electronica: Sonic Wildness

At the Ars Electronica, usomo premieres with Sonic Wildness, an immersive and interactive 3D sound installation.
usomo Audiosystem Showroom

Let the show begin!

The set-up of the usomo showroom is taking shape. Here, the 3D audiosystem usomo can be experienced live.