Most Wanted MusicMost Wanted Music

Most Wanted Music

At Most Wanted Music, a panel of the music industry, Steffen Armbruster holds a speech about spatial immersion.
Stage Set SceneryStage Set Scenery

Stage Set Scenery

At the Sound Lab of the Stage Set Scenery, Steffen Armbruster presents the 3D audiosystem usomo.
Bosch Connected World

Bosch Connected World

We are discussing potential applications of usomo in the Internet of Things with experts from the industries.
SAE Alumni Convention mit usomo

SAE Alumni Convention

Steffen Armbruster holds a speech about spatial immersion by means of audio, also introducing usomo.
Klingt gut! Symposium on SoundKlingt gut! Symposium on Sound

Klingt gut! Symposium on Sound

At Klingt gut! in Hamburg, Steffen Armbruster speaks about immersion and about new ways to achieve it acoustically.