Trackingmodule neue Gehäuse für 3D Sound von usomo

The new cases for the usomo tracking modules are stable, state of the art, and they look simply gorgeous. They were designed by Viktor Blank of kusspaprika.

How the innovative 3D audiosystem usomo works is described under System and technology of usomo.


The exact ranging of the user happens through the usomo tracking module on the headphones. With a precision of 20 cm in position and 1° in rotation, it is extremely accurate.

Besides the headphones with the tracking module, the user carries a smartphone provided by usomo with the audio data stored on it.

  • binaural sound
  • fluid transitions
  • intuitive handling



A software in the smartphone is the basis of the sound experience. It generates the sound to be heard on the headphones in real time, depending on the position and rotation data that is being determined by the tracking module, or in other words, the distance and the orientation of the user in relation to the virtual sound sources.

It is possible to use open as well as closed headphones.

  • precision
  • server-independent
  • no user limit