Klingt gut! Symposium on Sound

At this year’s Klingt gut! Symposium on Sound in Hamburg, Steffen Armbruster speaks about the currently highly debated topic of immersion by audio and film, as well as about the necessary and possible new ways to achieve it.

In the course of this, he also introduces usomo.

usomo is a new immersive audio system.
Interior space and sound merge in an unprecedented way.

The system consists of headphones with the usomo tracking module, a smartphone as part of the system to play back the sound data, as well as transmitters in the space.

Beyond this, no higher-level equipment such as a server or the like is required. Each individual system is autarkic. That is why there is no restriction to the number of users. The area that can be covered by the transmitters has no limitations either.

Thus it is possible to equip spaces from small rooms to entire buildings with usomo.

By the most precise ranging of the position and the rotation of the user, a fully individual sound course is created, calculated and sent to the headphones in real time.

Just by walking around in the space or by turning the head, sounds are being triggered or stopped, the tonality, volume and angle of the sound sources change fluidly.


Klingt gut! Symposium on Sound, Hamburg
26 to 28 May 2016



Klingt gut! Symposium on Sound: usomo und Immersion