Open Your Ears.

An interactive dive into three-dimensional soundscapes

Kristina von Bülow

Interaktiv hören: Open your ears. usomo unique sonic momentsThe next big thing in sound design: usomo – unique sonic moments. Developed by FRAMED immersive projects in Berlin, usomo is the first and only audiosystem on the market in this quality, enabling a completely new sound experience. A pioneering innovation in digital sound design.

The audiosystem usomo is unique! Together with the usomo sound software, the self-developed, highly accurate tracking system creates an unprecedented form of listening.

usomo is not only interactive, but also immersive. It reacts interactively to movement in the space and surrounds the user immersively, that is, three-dimensionally from all sides. Because the system calculates the position via a tracking module in real time, each user has an individual sound experience. No other audiosystem is both: interactive and immersive.

User-friendly, accurate and flexible technology

The real-time calculation of the movement in the space is extremely precise. By the most precise ranging of the position and the rotation of the user – with an exactitude of 10 cm in position and 1° in rotation – a fully individual sound course is created. The system can even be installed spanning several floors, requiring only very little equipment. usomo consists only of a smartphone and headphones with an usomo tracking unit attached.

The usomo principle: Simply by the free movement of the user, sound is triggered individually. A unique acoustic journey is created for everyone. As one moves around the space, sounds start or stop, and even the tonality, volume and angle of the sound sources change. The transitions between different sound areas are very smooth.

Surprising and sense-expanding acoustic experience

Voice, music and sounds are carried into the space and create the thrilling feeling of being completely immersed in the sound and to be right in the middle of the scene. usomo transforms spaces into walk-in interactive soundscapes.

All sounds have properties that change individually according to the position and orientation of the user, e.g. the volume or special effects. The sound and the visuals fully merge into an intense, all-encompassing 360° experience.

For spatial design, exhibitions and events as well as for educational purposes, usomo offers a completely new dimension for user-friendly acoustic concepts with audience appeal.